Introducing a Monstrous New Line! February 28 2017

For this release, we looked to our favorite squad of monster hunting kids for inspiration! We tried hard to make sure these items weren't bogus. Here are the details: First up, Wolfman Nards hanging ornaments! Wolfman's got nards, now you can, too! Perfect for hanging on your car rear-view mirror.Scary German Guy makes a killer pie! This strawberry-rhubarb scented candle is available as a medium or large glass candle and features...

Holiday Horrors 2016 available 11/21/16! November 17 2016

The time has come, once again when we prepare for the man in red to enter our homes in the middle of the night and leave gifts in exchange for milk and cookies. To help set the mood, we are introducing some festive new items and even bringing back a few favorites from last year, available 11/21/16. First up, we have the pleasure of giving a Quiltface Studios design the...

Halloween Release, Part 2 September 30 2016

Here, at Horror Decor, the place is overflowing with Halloween lately! It's our favorite season and you can definitely tell by looking around the studio. From the Vintage Halloween Masks line and Rules of Halloween Candle Set, to the new Killer Pumpkin Ale Candle and Sleepy Hollow Garden Flag. We want to take a moment to thank you all, not only for ordering, but for also sharing your new goodies...

Halloween Release, Part 1 (Belated Post) September 30 2016

It's that time, once again, to celebrate the best time of year, Halloween. As the days shorten, temperatures cool, and leaves start to change color, the excitement for All Hallows' Eve is in the air. From the jack-o'-lanterns on the porch, to kids running through the streets, dressed in their favorite costume, swinging a full plastic pail of candy, to enjoying your favorite pumpkin flavored beverage on a crisp, fall...
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